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Setting up and maintaining a beautiful and healthy Saltwater Aquarium should not be a daunting task. Together, let’s create a stress-free hobby that guarantees you and your family will enjoy it.

Since saltwater aquariums are created by simulating the natural life in the oceans in your home or workplace, they open small windows to the ocean life, allowing you to enjoy the ocean without leaving your place. 

However, saltwater aquariums are more difficult to set up, maintain and manage than freshwater aquariums. What starts out as a simple hobby can turn into an increasingly costly and tedious task. Our aim is to find solutions to the common problems of saltwater aquarium owners in the world and to bring you news and articles about this area of interest. Setting up and maintaining a saltwater aquarium should not be a confusing task. As N Avaryum Team, our biggest goal is to create a stunning and stress-free hobby that guarantees you and your loved ones will enjoy it.


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We are committed to protecting your aquarium and the health and vitality of its inhabitants. We enjoy sharing product reviews, how-to guides, and insider information with you. Our adventure, which started with 4 passionate and talented groups of friends, has turned N Akvaryum into an experienced and reliable resource in the saltwater aquarium industry with its authors and academics spread all over the world.

We would like to thank everyone who allowed us to publish their articles and contents, shared their ideas with us, contributed to the Saltwater aquarium hobby and N Akvaryum.

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