Community Standards

Last updated: 16/01/2023

People use social media and websites every day to share their experiences and ask questions about saltwater aquariums.

We are aware of how important it is for social media and web sites to be a place where people can communicate. However, as N Akvaryum, we aim to provide our members with the most accurate information in reliable areas.

We are also aware that there may be abuses in the ability of individuals or organizations to express themselves on social media and websites, and that the internet offers new and increasing opportunities.


We want to make sure that the content people see on N Akvaryum is reliable.


We want to make your N Akvaryum a safe place. Statements that threaten people have the potential to intimidate, exclude or silence others and are not allowed in N Akvaryum.


We attach importance to the protection of personal privacy and information. Privacy gives people the freedom to be themselves, choose when and how they post, and connect more easily.

What Do We Not Allow At N Akvaryum?

Violence and Criminal Content

  • Violent and criminal content that has the potential to appear in the offline world
  • Content that threatens public safety.
  • Content of any organization or individual engaged in violent activities.
  • Content of product sales subject to legal regulations
  • Content that tends to defraud and deceive members


  • Content that promotes suicide or self-harm, including some images of violence and real-time depictions that may lead others to engage in similar behavior.
  • Content that sexually exploits or puts children at risk.
  • Content that depicts, advocates or organizes sexual acts with non-consensual persons or commercial sexual services such as prostitution and escort services.
  • Content intended to humiliate one or more members.
  • Contents that shares personal or confidential information about others without their prior consent.

Inappropriate content

  • Hate speech content.
  • Content that glorifies violence or other people’s suffering or humiliation.
  • Adult nudity and sexually explicit content.
  • Content that consists of humorous images and GIFs that is clearly intended to make fun of people.

Integrity and freedom

  • Unreal people’s contents.
  • Content designed to deceive or mislead other members to increase the member’s own popularity.
  • Contents that attempts to collect sensitive personal information through deceptive or invasive methods.
  • Member contents that misrepresents themselves.
  • Inaccurate news content
  • Edited and modified content that may mislead members

Intellectual Property Rights

  • Content shared without the consent of other people or organizations in order to increase their popularity or gain profit. (photos, articles, translations)

We Want To Provide a Respectful And Orderly Service.

The consequences for violating our community standards may vary depending on the severity of the violation and the violating member’s history on the platform.

For example, we can warn a member for their first violation, but if that member continues to violate our policies, N Akvaryum may be removed from their membership completely or their membership may be terminated temporarily/permanently without any warning.

Membership cancellations due to violations of our community standards will not be refunded and you will be deemed to have accepted these standards when you start your membership.

N Akvaryum team and volunteers regularly scan N Akvaryum and find these violations. If you want to report a violation, contact us via the contact page.

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